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Roam the city through your phone or tablet! Simply point, tap to focus and the characters will magically appear; ready to drive!

  • Filled with 8 individual mini games designed to challenge & develop children’s skill’s.
  • Collect points in mini games to exchange and unlock special vehicles!
  • Design includes zebra crossings and traffic lights among other common road features meaning the mat can be used to teach children important road safety lessons.
  • Can also be used as a traditional playmat to encourage children to use their imagination and zoom their own toy vehicles around the city.
  • The play mat is wipeable, made from waterproof material and can also be used inside or outside.
Note: The 3DUPlay app must be downloaded from App Store or Play Store for the above features to work.
Can also be used as a stand alone Playmat without downloading the App if you don't want the 3D and App features.

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