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Magicube is the magnetic evolution of the traditional game of cubes.
Each colourful cube can be attached from any side and allows you to build, in a fun and easy way, 3D structures and new shapes. 
Geomag has re-invented the construction game with new magnetic cubes, making it more fun and most of all magical! The cubes can be attached together from every side and even remain suspended!
This helps to make wonderful constructions that are easy to build for everyone. The set is fully compatible with, the story building set, word building set and number building set.

This box of 30 multi-coloured Magicubes forms the basis of Geomag Education’s “Building” projects. These magnetic cubes allow dynamic and 3D creativity when working with the Story Building, Word Building and Maths building sets, which all contain a large quantity of clips to ensure a wide variety of activities.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Recommended Age: 6 Months+

Also available: Magic-Cube - 64 pc

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